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Cooking Equipment

Cabin Creek Cooking Equipment makes outdoor cooking and clean up easier and hassle-free whether cooking on open fire, butane stove cooking or both! Cabin Creek Backpacker's Mini Butane Stove is a powerful stove, perfect for cooking kabobs or heating water - boils water in 3.5 minutes! Cabin Creek Two Burner Propane Stove is easy to start and provides continuous heat for cooking larger meals with two 3.5-inches burners and a 22-inch X 10.75-inches deep cooking area. Cabin Creek Chicken Cooker is made for cooking up-to 2-chickens over a campfire, outdoor grill or in the oven! Cabin Creek Cooking Broiler has a handle that extends over campfires and a chrome wire cage,this broiler allows you to cook fish, poultry or steak without burning yourself.

Cabin Creek Cooking Equipment makes camping trip meal preparation and clean up hassle-free so you can enjoy the flavor of meals cooked over an open flame. Buy your cooking equipment online using our secure servers; call us at (847) 701-3012 if you have questions.


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